New buildings
We undertake construction of all types of buildings (residential, commercial, industrial etc), acting as main contractor. We also offer design and build integrated solutions. In any case, we offer our long experience in the construction field, our specialized knowledge and the attention we give to every detail.


Renovation Projects
We offer complete design and build solutions for the renovation of houses and commercial premises, enabling the owners to enjoy a modern home or work environment, without investing in new property market. The proposed renovation project to be implemented, upgrades the appearance, functionality and energy efficiency of their property, with the additional effect of increased market value.




Building construction - ''Berlin'' type retaining wall
Building construction - Concrete slab reinforcement
Building construction - Drywall finishing
Store renovation - Before (P. Faliro)
Store renovation - After (P. Faliro)
Office renovation - Before (Athens)
Office Renovation - After (Athens)
Appartment renovation - Before (Kolonaki 1)
Appartment renovation - After (Kolonaki 1)
Appartment renovation - Before (Kolonaki 2)
Appartment renovation - After (Kolonaki 2)
Appartment renovation - Before (Psychiko)
Appartment renovation - After (Psychiko)
Construction & Project Management
Design Consulting
Real Estate Consulting
Building Energy Auditing and upgrading
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