Building Energy Auditing and upgrading

Building Energy Auditing
We undertake energy auditing of any building and issuing of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). It should be noted that in addition to being pre-requisite for selling or leasing (starting 2012) any building in Greece, the EPC is a Certificate that directly affects the market value of the property, since energy efficiency has (apart from the obvious environmental impact) an economic impact on the tenant of the building. For each non-efficient building inspected, suggestions are given for improving energy efficiency.
Building energy upgrading
We have created a team of associates specialized in energy upgrading of buildings. Our team first records all parameters affecting the energy consumption of an existing building (insulation, windows, heating systems and hot water), which are then analyzed with appropriate software, thus leading to the proposed interventions, the benefit they will have on energy consumption of the building concerned (electricity bills, gas etc.) and the implementation budget. Finally we proceed to construction, using innovative methods for minimal disturbance of the building occupants'.


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Building Energy Auditing and upgrading
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